Event Night

Run To Rave Dance Party


RTR 3K is a Glow in the Dark Run, it’s a party from start to finish! As your team begins the “RTR 3K” experience, music will lead the way while your eyes focus on the next entertainment zone just ahead. Cross the finish line into a main stage nocturnal dance festival with electrifying light spectacles all in celebration of your health and happiness.

Every event is unique and will have 4 special “zones” that are custom designed around the outstanding features of each venue.



  • Music pumping along most of course
  • Awesome dance party full of happy humans
  • Tunnels of light with various add-on effects
  • Neon colored landscapes and trees that change colors as you pass
  • Blacklight zones that pop your colors and make for great photo ops
  • Buildings used as projection screens
  • Live talent such as dancers, performing artists – think aerialists or mimes

*Every event is unique and different. Not all aspects may be featured.

Run To Rave Dance Crowd


  • Hump Day 3K just works. #humpday3k
  • Mid-week motivation.
  • In our opinion, the fact is running is proven to be more effective for ADHD than Adderall.
  • Because we can. This is our world; we make the rules.
  • Why not?


Run To RAVE is all about peace love unity and respect… We created this event for all ages of beautiful humans to have a safe and entertaining experience.